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Dr. Ronald Weinstein, chiropractor, is a 1981 graduate of Life University in Marietta, Georgia.  In his 27 years of practice, he has owned and operated three chiropractic clinics in Atlanta, Georgia.  During this time, he has treated tens of thousands of patients for a variety of conditions, as well as having trained amateur and professional athletes alike.  In January 1994, he relocated to Alexandria, Virginia to establish Pinecrest Wellness Center.

His advanced certifications in Applied Kinesiology and Metabolic Typing allow him to assimilate chiropractic techniques, neurology, muscle therapy and nutrition to afford his patients the latest in natural treatment.  He is also a Board Certified Rehabilitation Doctor and his nationally certified clinic is fully equipped with the latest rehabilitation equipment.

Dr. Weinstein has lectured extensively throughout the country to doctors, patients and athletes on chiropractic, pain management, Metabolic Typing and nutrition, health and fitness.  Locally, he has presented workshops for Whole Foods, AmeriChoice Insurance, Arlington Adult Community Center and has conducted “Back Care Safety” workshops for companies such as IKEA and Canon.  He and his staff have performed spinal screenings for the Australian Embassy, U.S. Customs, TSA and other corporations; most recently, Marriott Hotels.

Throughout his tenure, Dr. Weinstein has recognized the importance of spinal health as it relates to the normal function of all the body’s organs, tissues and systems. He further came to appreciate the essential role that nutrition, diet, exercise and other alternative therapies play in improving one’s health.

In establishing Pinecrest Wellness Center, Dr. Weinstein has dedicated himself to helping others improve their health naturally, through a multidisciplinary approach.  He has brought together chiropractic, acupuncture, applied kinesiology, massage therapy, Metabolic Typing and nutrition to afford patients the best in holistic healthcare.

“At Pinecrest Wellness Center we combine the most effective elements of complementary therapies into a single unified whole. Our approach is not a set program.  We assess your unique condition and deliver a treatment that combines elements of each therapy, according to your needs.  No two people receive the same treatment, even if they have the same type of problem, since the cause of your problem may be different from that of others.”

Our purpose is to improve the health and well-being of our patients, and to educate as many people as we can to help make our world healthier.

“Nature needs no help…just no interference!”


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